So my insurance changed, I was on medicaid and now they are telling me to continue I will need to pay a $4k deductible every 6 months, which I have no chance of since I'm on disability (currently inbetween the 2 year medicare waiting period) and only make $930 a month. So I'm being forced to stop my 400 mg of seroquel daily. I was taking 50 mg twice during the day and 300mg at bed for about 2 years now. I also don't have money for my anti depressant Pristiq, my blood pressure medication (lisinopril), cholesterol medication (lipitor). So I'm trying to survive without them, but over the last few days between the anxiety and insomnia it has been terrible, but I expected that. But now I can't stop itching, Any advice? If it matters, I have borderline personality disorder with severe anxiety and depression. The strange part is my anxiety is worse when I'm in a car or trying to go to sleep. The itching just doesn't stop.