Hey everyone. I'm 18, and I've always told myself I wouldn't get addict, but of course, I have. I blew through 300 dollars last week, trying to keep getting high on roxycodone 30mgs. I was up to 60 or 90 a day, quit, and hit withdrawals late last night and today. I did a 30 today and I really wanna quit. i can feel the w/ds beginning to set in and I'm wondering if anyone has any advice to help me through this. I'm thinking of getting a 30 and just doing 1/4 each time it gets really bad, or getting a tab 10 and a xanax to help with the w/d symptoms and to help me quit. Please, I really wanna do this, and any thoughtful advice is helpful. I know I'm an idiot for doing this, etc. So please don't be hateful. I'm really wanting to turn my life around so please, anything you can think of, is great. Thanks to all who contribute=/