i am 23, and have had a vicodin addiction for about 2.5-3 years. Im on my second day off ( i actually took half of norco this morning), which didnt stop my withdrawls... so ive decided to just stop all together. I usually only take between 1-4 a day depending on supply, im scared becausse even detoxing off of methadone ive never had this much trouble ( extremely runny stools, nausia, and last night i woke up in a panic, and very moody). My husband has a condition to where he has to take vicodin, it is hard knowing he also has a scrpt. Since getting off of methadone due to norco problem, i've stayed pretty low on how much i take a day. Its been a nasty cycle of opiate addiction, and so truely want to be free... I've pretty much forgotten how it feels to be me, but i know its so much better. I watch tv ( all i have energy for right now), and think of how most of those people get to live as themselves, and not addicted. I know that, this page is not for me to pour my heart out or anything, but I have very little eotional support at home. HOW LONG DOES THE PHYSICAL AND MENTAL WITHDRAWL LAST?