I refilled today and got the same generic brand of Dulox that I had last time. I noticed that these capsules are filled with 12 tiny pills. They are 60mg caps so each tiny pill would be 5mg. I have 30 caps so that's 1800mg. I have made the following schedule to taper off slowly, but I want to know if it will cause more/less withdrawal symptoms than other methods.
55mg x 5 days
50mg x 5 days
45mg x 5 days
40mg x 5 days
35mg x 5 days
30mg x 5 days
25mg x 5 days
20mg x 5 days
15mg x 10 days
10mg x 10 days
5mg x 10 days
So before I start opening my caps and start dividing it all up I wanted to see if anyone had any warnings or advice.
I plan on talking to my doctor about the process on Friday when I made an appt. but in the meantime I am just curious and wouldn't mind beginning with the 55mg caps before Friday.

Thanks in advance!