Hi, I've been prescribed the generic form of Adderal xr. My doc started me out at 15mg once a day. The first week felt amazing and did wonders for school work and getting things done. That soon wore off and the anxiety, depression and major mood swings kicked in. My appetite was non existent (and still is) and I couldn't sleep.

I told my doc this and he said I've become tolerant of it and bumped me up to 25mg. It did not help at all. Made things worse. I feel more unproductive before I even started it. I don't do my homework on time, moody, mostly lay in bed crying. I've practically stopped eating completely. I try to eat, but get bored and stop. Yesterday I weighed myself and the scale said 89lbs. It freaked me out big time! I hate this drug. I never really had an appetite before taking the med, so I was already quite thin. I can't afford to lose more weight. I want off this ASAP.

Since I've been on the med only about a month, would it be okay to just quit cold turkey? I feel like I'm experiencing withdrawal symptoms ON the drug anyway. How long and severe would withdrawals last? Ive thought about tapering down, but since they're XR, I don't know how to make sure I split the dose correctly. Any suggestions? I can't get in to see my doc for a while and I can't take this hell anymore.

BTW, I'm 28 yr old female. 5'1. Also, I started taking the 15mg again that he originally started me out on.

Advice and feedback greatly appreciated! Desperate for answers!