I was prescribed Opiates for over 7 years for back pain. My last dosage was Oxycontin HCL 20mg twice a day and Percocet 10's once. When I found myself running out before my refills were due, and either withdrawing or buying off the street, I decided it was time to quit. I got 5 Suboxone SLs from a friend and over two weeks weaned down. Started at one a day and ended with a little tiny piece (less then a quarter). To be honest I don't think it made a difference then if I would have just stopped the killers. It only delayed my detox for a day. Anyway I am on day 21. The physical withdrawals seemed to have stopped, but I still feel mentally something’s not right. Don't really know how to explain it I am very edgy and a little paranoid. It reminds me of a bad Acid trip I had once (but only a fraction of the intensity obviously). I was given Ativan 1MG by my doc and instructed to take 2 to help me sleep, and a half if needed during the day. But even the half makes me very drowsy. This would be great if I could sleep all day, but I take care of my 18mo old son. It seems like the only time I feel normal is when I drink (after my wife comes home of course). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Reading all of your questions and posts really helped me through this point, especially in the first "WEEK of HELL". But I don't see to much information on the later stages of quitting Opiates. I can however offer some advise and or tips on how to get through the physical withdrawals to anyone in need. I learned a lot through experimentation, and was lucky enough to talk to to some good doctors/RNs over the phone. I know not everyone can do it this way; it was hardest thing I have ever done in my life. GOOD LUCK TO ALL and THANX.