Ive been taking alprazolam for 9 months since starting ive always taken only 1/2 a pill of .50mg. It varies how long i wait between doses 6hrs -10hrs i never do it more than 3 times a day,before starting this i drank beer often usually 2-3 times a week since early 2008 i been sober since starting alprazolam march 2012, I want to quit taking this medicine i seem to have fibromyalgia symptoms after starting this medication i had to quit working i feel fatigued most of the day , i gained weight,im sensitive to light and sound, my legs & feet feel numb/tingly, i have trouble staying asleep longer than 4 hrs, does anyone know what substitutes are available for xanax? im seizure prone i took dilantin for a yr in 2004 and i noticed some anti depressants/anxiety meds can cause seizures. the dr gave me xanax because i had bad anxiety thinking i may have a seizure again starting in feb 2012 , thank you for any replys