I started taking Bupropion SR 100 mg 7 months ago & it helped me quite a bit with increasing my energy level & making me alert. A few days ago I started another brand of bupropion sr 150 mg & it seems like since taking the higher dosage, that I have been sleepy & over the weekend I basically took naps throughout the day.

I hate that sleepy feeling, because that's why I was glad to take the meds anyway since it gave me energy! Why do you think that I am sleepy on the 150 mg dose & what do you suggest that I do? I don't want to be sleepy. I was trying to go places to make up for the time I isolated myself in the first place!

The 100 mg Bupropian from Walgreens that helped my energy level is from the drug manufacturer Mylan & the one that make me feel sleepy is from the manufacturer Epic/Santos. I thought that the 150 mgs would give me more energy not make me sleepy! Could it be a side effect that would possibly go away if I take it for over a week? What do you guys think & have you had this experience also or know someone who has? Please let me know soon. I just ordered a 3 month supply from my mail order program & it was a good deal & for the lower price... Let me know & thanks for your responses!