So, I had protected sex like 2/3 weeks ago. My partner always checks the condom after using it, just to make sure there's no holes or to make sure it didn't rip. I was suppose to get my period about 3/4 days ago. Im 3 days late already., But I've been having cramps and my breasts feel really tender, they feel really heavy after i take my bra off. I've had all the symptoms of getting my period, but i just don't get my period. I don't have any insurance/Medi-cal to go to a hospital to go get checked. Im kind of worried now, can i be pregnant? I also read on the internet that stressing and worrying can cause periods to delay, is that true? Most likely i will take a pregnancy test at the 6 day, if i don't get my period. I just wanted to see if there's anything else i can do?

Thank you!