i have beeen on 40mg of prozac for 12 years over that time i have had ups n downs depressed and elated, iv been a bit more depressed since july august this year, i upped the prozac to 60mg and see a psychiatrist who prescribed me quetiapine 50mg twice a day upto 100mg twice a day, i took 50mg forst day went for a 10hour sleep, then 50mg in evening another 10/12hour kip, then on second day i felt a tiny lift and 3rd day felt a tiney lift, on 4th day really angry and depressed, got frightened stopped taking meds, rang psychiatrist up told hom he said stay on higher dose in night none in day, so again 50mg night next night 75mg agaitation and depression next day, a feeling of utter emptiness and despair came over me my mood changed tgat quick, this scared me
I went dor a meal sunday evening and even though i was at the table i wasnt thwre, i was empty and scared and rhinking of Ending my life even though it passed after 15mins it was worse than any feeling iv had before, i ran the psych again who said your not getting enough in your system so i took 25 mg tgis didnt knock me out but i felt good and went for a run, i took 50mg in eve woke up yeaterday with utter rage and anger, didnt want to take again so took 25mg to take edge off that led me to complete dispair again this time crying thinking i wana end mg life again really low and bad worst than before, i took 100mg last night struggled to get to sleep eventually got to sleep, woke up this morning rang health unit told them gota meeting tom, this medication i feel has mede me tge worst i have been for 15 years, i seriously cant tel you how clscared and morbid it was last night, i will never take this medication again never, im lying in bed writing this feeling agitated and nervous, i feared for my sanity last night