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Quetiapine - Does seroquel cause diabetes?

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WildcatVet 18 Apr 2016

Hi, Lolling! While all atypical antipsychotics carry some risk of treatment emergent diabetes Seroquel has a very low risk factor:
*■ Postmarketing reports of diabetes or diabetes-related events are very rare (<0.01%) with SEROQUEL.*
This means that <0.01% of all users will be affected.
Best wishes, Wildcat

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WildcatVet 18 Apr 2016

Assuming, of course, that the patient does not have pre-existing risk factors.

chuck1957 18 Apr 2016

Thanks WcV; I love the way you are able to put down the numbers helps alot numbers like this is almost like not worth listing but helps a ton. Your fantastic.and have a big heart.

WildcatVet 18 Apr 2016

Aww, thanks, Chuck. It's convenient having an office full of journals and textbooks...

chuck1957 18 Apr 2016

Yes,WildcatVet I know but like right now is kind of hard on myself it's so hard for me to read. And I only do so much of this because good therapy,But the print in my books is so small I can't do as well as I would like to. But I Like seeing the numbers people can relate to an almost zip chance of a reaction.It really does help. So thanks for your help it not only helps the person but I can see it a little better if I choose to add something.

beachbum242 23 Nov 2018

My Doctor who is also a Pharmacist considered tops in field said there was absolutely no doubt quetiapine caused my diabetes. If you get your yearly exam and your blood sugar is normal and you start quetiapine and become diabetic thats the cause. He says quetiapine causes more diabetes than the FDA admits. When it comes to quetiapine if you can control your sugar the benefits of taking quetiapine can out weigh benefits of not taking it.

chuck1957 18 Apr 2016

Lolling; I am with my friend WCV on this she did such a good job I don't have a lot to say its almost not a problem with the low rate during studies rethink what you are eating etc sometimes these medications make us grab things to eat because we don't feel like eating anything or are too tired to make anything. This happens a lot and you might not even notice what you're doing. Just make sure they keep an eye on it Diabetes in any type is nothing to fool with . Have a great week my friend. and continue to take your medication as prescribed.

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