I am a 24hr caregiver for this lady that has Alzheimer's disease and has serious problems sleeping her dr gave her a script of 200mg Seroquel she still had not been sleeping however went to emergency room with chest pains and was deliarious when asked of her sleeping habits I replied with she takes 200mg Seroquel and she will sleep for maybe 1 or 2 hrs and then she is up for the day until 9pm and he added 1mg Ativan to her 200mg Seroquel last night was the first time she took the 2 of them together and today it took me about 20 minutes to get her to wake up enough to MUMBLE back to me and she is very groggy and can not stay awake it has been 16 and ha half hrs since the 2 had been taken it worries me I do not like this but Seroquel alone does not help her at all. Should I worry