Quetiapine in high doses can be the best and the worsts medication in high doses.I have had hallucinations where i saw the devil at night with unimaginable fear and at the same time felt and evil presence. "panic attacks or anxiety" Doesn't compare to that experience. I had to stop the high doses, but regardless the next day I felt better than normal. the good side is I felt whole and extremely confident throughout my day-to-day activities. But because of bad side effects, diminishing the dose from 1100mg to 100 mg I sleep great but don't have that focus of being confident, I am wondering if other people have similar experiences? I'm thinking of asking my doctor if I can take some in the morning to get that confidence back, without the drowsiness during the day. Regardless if I feel a little drowsy in the morning it's well worth the confidence that it gives me and the focus and to feel whole like never before which I have experienced during that day, it is fantastic. I wouldn't have the horror that it gave me to a person on death row. I made at least 10 911 calls at night. I'm 59 years old and have never called 911 for anything before or since.