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Does quetiapine cure alogia??

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masso 14 May 2017

Negative symptoms are considered the most debilitating and refractory aspect of schizophrenia, being associated with poor social, occupational and global outcomes. Conventional antipsychotics have limited efficacy against these symptoms and poor tolerability profiles. Atypical antipsychotics are an alternative treatment, and this 12-week, randomised, flexibly dosed study compared the efficacy, safety and tolerability of quetiapine and olanzapine in this regard. Of the 40 patients who entered the study (32 male; 8 female), 19 were randomised to quetiapine (mean dose 637 mg/day, mean treatment duration 80 days) and 21 to olanzapine (mean dose 16 mg/day, mean treatment duration 78 days).

WildcatVet 14 May 2017

Quetiapine will significantly control the symptom and improve quality of life and communication.
However, no anti-psychotic *cures* the underlying mental illness and so may need to be taken for life.

chuck1957 14 May 2017

Dibyaj; I like both answers you have. But to be honest, at this time there really is no cure for many of our mental Illness's but lucky there are many medications that work just as well as a cure as long as you take it as the doctor says. All you can do is try and find the one that works best for you. No worries this is a very common ILLNESS AND BECAUSE NOW DAYS SO MANY PEOPLE STICK AND STAY ON THERE MEDICATION AND ALL THE NEW GREAT ONES OUT. they can control it much better than they ever have. free discount card

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