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Will quetiapine help with back pain?

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kaismama 12 Feb 2014

It is an anti psychotic, not a pain med. I have allot of back pain and it would be a cold day in he@# before I'd take an anti psychotic with all its nasty side effects, for it.

LaurieShay 12 Feb 2014

Not likely to stop a back ache that is caused from a physical problem in the spine and adjoining muscles, etc. If the back ache is purely a result of anxiety than there is a chance it would help.

LindaC49 12 Feb 2014

I take 20mg Prozac daily and Klonopin x3 as needed and Norco x 4 for pain. I don't take the Klonopin on a regular basis unless I'm having a long lasting flair. I do notice that when I'm taking the Klonopin the pain relief from Norco seems to last longer. All these drugs can have awful side effects. I take the least I can get by with after getting ulcers from Celebrex. Sometimes only take 3 Norcos instead of my usual 4. Only problem Klonopin seems to stimulate my appetite where the Prozac and Norco don't. Hard to control appetite and keep weight off the arthritic frame! Don't find Flexeril helps much just makes me hungry, too.


Nishypeep 12 Feb 2014

Agreed, I would never take that. That is not made for back pain. You need a narcotic pain reliever and maybe a muscle relaxer, depending on why you are having back pain? free discount card

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