Hello again..
I always post when I'm in the same headspace..apologies.
I have tried 2 anti-phycotics and one anti-convulsant for my anxiety/ruminating thoughts. Each time I seem to suffer with heightened anxiety ! Felt like I was being suffocated. I fainted on risperidone during the night too. My psych who is so patient with me has prescribed quetiapine 25- with scope up to 150mg. I do have sleep problems and I do get anxious and I know I need help with this but the thought of trying another medication that may increase my anxiety is scaring me already. I don't want to hear horror stories as there are enough of them online but I would like to hear if anyone has experience with this. I currently take 375mg of venlafaxine. Tried olanzapine, risperidone and pregabalin. It's probably all in my head but how do I get it out of my head that I will have palpitations and panic feelings on new medication again. Sorry for all the garble and rambling x