Hello everyone (new here),

I am a 21 year old female who has Borderline Personality Disorder (in other words, Unstable Emotionality Traits). I also have anxiety and severe depression.

I recently started taking Quetiapine 25mg (lowest dose) and can see a difference in myself. I'm happier, I don't feel depressed at all! I have only taken these for 9 days but what a difference already. The only thing is I am now having panic attacks because I'm so worried about the side affects and what the medication is doing to my body.

I work full time and unfortunately have had no support or special work adaptions for my disorder. So I am left stuck, I can't work with these tablets and live my day to day life at the moment but I can see a difference in my attitude and my happiness. I'm either severally depressed or severally anxious. I think I should come off but scared as to how I'll feel again.

What are your opinions?