Hi I've taken plan b before and I haven't had this experience ever.. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex the second day of my period I had no bleeding and my boyfriend wanted to have sex so I agreed because there was pretty much no bleeding. Just a little spotting.. After he did the blood completely stopped the next day This was on June 14. I found unusal because my period was 2 days and my period the previous month was 3 days late, but Did get in for acouple days in May. Now back to this month (June!) on June 15 I told my boyfriend that he cam in me (he was drunk and forgot) so we went to get plan b, we have one child right now together and it's just not the right time to have another baby yet.. So I took the plan b on Monday around 3:30-4pm the next day. Now since I took the pill I've been cramping and and bad pains in my stumach and now today started bleeding again with pain and it's the 19 th. is this normal ? Could I have already been pregnant because my period being 3 days late and barely having a period in May ? Or Did I get pregnant the night before I took plan b? I don't know I'm confused worried and I don't really know what to make of it please help!