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Questions about Effexor: How long did it take to work? Did it cause weight loss or gain?

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Neededsomthing 19 Oct 2016

Hello Toronto mom
I am a mom of 3 , 2 are elementary school age.
I have been on Effexor rx for 20 months, how long have you been taking it , and what kind of dosage?
My doctor told me that medication like these need a good 4-6 week to really work, plus the side effects ( I felt for a lack of better term strung out and sweaty ,dry mouth , tired ect.) will mostly pass.
As for weight many folk here have had none, but I think I might of gained about 15 . But can't say for certain it was the meds.

WildcatVet 19 Oct 2016

Hi, Mom! I took Effexor 150mg/day for about 4 years with no side effects and as I recall it took about one month to be fully effective. I also gained no weight, but that is purely subjective based on an individual's metabolism. Some gain, some lose, some don't do either. Effexor is one of the more weight neutral of the antidepressants so don't believe everything you read. No one comes on the boards to say, *Guess what - I didn't gain weight/lose weight*. The people you hear from are the minority that did.
Best wishes and good luck! Wildcat

arabianhorselover 19 Oct 2016

I had no problem losing 47 pounds while taking Effexor.

Neededsomthing 19 Oct 2016

That's great to know it is about the amount to lose to get to my mid 30 weight which at 44 seemed a safe goal!!

chuck1957 19 Oct 2016

Toronto; I am with everyone else here, But this was the miracle medication for me, After trying almost everything they had prior to Effexor, I have been on it the 150mg day now for the last 3 years was up to 300mg at one time. And any side effects you may have normally go away within a week or two, Then slowly the benefits kick in and as was said it is 6 to 8 weeks to reach the full blood level and is also very weight neutral meaning most don't gain or loose enough to even notice if you can try to stick with it. free discount card

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