I have just started on Cymbalta for the treatment of nerve pain in my hips, butt and the back of my legs down to the knee and a lot of pain in my femoral nerve in the front of my right leg. At this point I'm not sure if it's a diabetic neuropathy or possibly something like mononeuritis multiplex. I'm in Canada and therefore on a four month waiting list to see a neurologist. I started with one week of 30mg capsules and found I had immediate relief from the nerve pain. The pain had been very severe and four or five hours after the first capsule my pain was just way in the background. It was like a miracle drug. By the seventh day I had a little pain but bearable. After one week I went to 60mg and it seems that over the last week (my first week at 60mg) the pain is starting to be very uncomfortable again. Has anyone found that 30mg works better than 60mg or is it just a matter of getting used to the higher dose? Of course my mood had really started to improve with less pain but now my mood or depression is worsening again.
My next question is whether any males have gone thru this unwanted side effect. From the first capsule on sex was out of the question as ED set in. Have any of you had this happen and has anyone found that it gets better over time?