and an elevated C-reactive Protein, both indicating inflammation. I have seen a Rheumatologist for this. She did more bloodwork which confirmed the elevations plus she did xrays of my hands, hips and knees (the painful areas, other than my back-my back is a whole another issue) anyway, the xrays dont show any joint damage. The Rheumatologist isnt sure if I just have false high bloodwork or if I do have a low grade RA (rheumatoid arthritis) so she put me on a trial steroid Medrol pak for one week (and for those of you who know me well you know how difficult it was for me because I'm not a big fan of steroids-the last time I fell I refused the Medrol pak even though my pain was exquisite). If the medrol pak works she wants to put me on Plaquenil. I have been on the Medrol pak starting yesterday and I think it IS helping my hands and knees (and it has been rainy here) My back is still terrible but we pretty much knew that is a separate issue and this isnt going to help it. I know what Plaquenil does and everything. I just want to know about anyones personal experience with it (I do know all too well everyone is different but I still would like personal experiences) If anyone would want to share their experiences, I would be grateful for your input!