Ive been on the yasmin pill before when i was with my ex because i wanted to be safe, i got the mood swings n my acne got better etc. but never got pregnant after 9 months of being on it but we used condoms but when we didnt he did the pull out method, so i dont actually know if the yasmin pill works on stopping you from getting pregnant. I broke up with him in june of personal reasons and stopped taking the yasmin pill,but now recently i have got a new boyfriend and started taking the Yasmin pill again its nearly been a month of me taking the pill again, and we've been using condoms anyway as i didn't think it would work straight away. N we both want to have sex without the condoms but the pull out method for us isn't really making it " romantic" if you would say. I just wanted to know can i start letting him "go" inside me yet or should i wait longer???