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I have a question: Is Xanax still okay to take if you are a Christian?

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LaurieShay 25 Nov 2015

Not sure what being a Christian has to do with taking a legally prescribed medication, but in my humble opinion, yes, it is ok to take medication for anxiety. I have been told that if I had enough faith, God would heal me of my mental illness. Which I must say was very hurtful verging on dangerous. I trust that God works through my doctors, etc. and made me this way for a reason. I'm not ashamed or guilty because I have a mental illness.

jcolson 26 Nov 2015

God helps those who help themselves, so if you sot treatment thru your doctor and your doctor prescribed Xanax for your anxiety and you purchased Xanax at your pharmacy, yes I would say that would be the christian way of doing it. So tell me what you think might be not christian about that

chuck1957 27 Nov 2015

Yes as long as your getting it from A doctor religion has nothing to do with it.

chuck1957 27 Nov 2015

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