so I decided to put in my notice for work tomorrow. I've been working 3rd shift all night for the past two years to get my mom out of debt. I am 33 years old and when i got out of the military I decided to see if I have ADHD because I can never read a sentence with out skipping ahead and I can never look people in the eyes. I started this medication Vyvanse a month ago. the first 2 days at 30 mg was like I wish I new about this medciation 15 year ago if it was even around then. anyways heres my point and what I am getting to.
50 mg does make me more aware, self confidence and eye contact when I speak to people the concentration isn't there since the first 2 days of taking this medication. But I am more awake I use to sleep 14 hour days. some poeple have told me that they think I am biopolar and that this medciation might be lifting me into mania again. I don't feel that way because I and my family have said I am more alert since I started this. but why isnt the concentration there? I tink anything past 50mg might raise my blood pressure to un safe readings since it fluxuates now through out the day of 12's ober 87 to 165/100 pulse rate goes from 80 to 122.
I think a member named Pledge said soemthing about in which I dont really understand is a adhd medication will let youkno if its workign within those weeks if you have adhd.
I am also talking more on this, sometimes to much like I just want to talk or explains things and I htink people are getting annoyed.
I use to not say anything, or look people in the eyes so to me I feel like this is helping and I dont want to go back to sleeping all day and being anti-social.
I see my psychiatrist tuesday and plan to tell her this but If I go off a stimulant I will end up sleeping, not being social and also I never got the concentration that I wanted for school this fall to actually learn get good grades and learn my skill.
so is it possible the medication might need to be changed to rittalin or adderall because i heard vyvanse to some people just made them talk a lot and be more aware and adderall helped them , but I also heard asking for adderall will make the doctor think your trying to abuse the drug and wil probbaly take everythign away..
I feel kind of lost now, I want to quite my 3 shift job to finish school, this medciation gives me the confidence to strive for better but isnt helping with reading and I feel people think its just triguring biopolar. I also feel my adisor at school took down my name and the Va since I was asking questions about my beneifts had somebody listening. so I am not sure if I acting wierd or hetting paranoid but my mom who lives with me says she hasnt seen a difference in me besides being more alert and talking more.