?I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and take metformin three times daily for it. my blood sugar runs about 150-200 daily as i check it twice a day. I have it because of the medications i take. recently i have been noticing this strange pain in my toes. it feels like i stubbed them really bad but numb at the same time. my wife pulled on them the other night and popped them. actually made them feel a bit better. i only became worried because i had a friend who died from diabetes. he never went to the doctor until he had black toes and they had to amputate them. then his organs began to fail. now he did have type 1 and never went to the doctor as some of the old fashioned macho men do. my father dies of lung cancer which would have been much more treatable had he not waited so long to visit an oncologist. by that time he had to have a large portion of his lungs removed and shortly after he got colon cancer. the cancer had metastasized to every part of his lymph glands. i quit my job and school and took him everywhere i could to extend his life but he finally lost his battle about 12 years back. i dont want to die in pain and have a horrible lifestyle like that. anyway back to the toes. any advice? i dont have a doctors appointment for months now. should i wait and tell her or try and get in? any ideas on what a dangerous level for my blood sugar is? john