So about a week ago I was driving on some back roads with a friend of mine. We happened upon a deer laying in the middle of the road, presumably having been hit by a car. As I passed it I watched it from my window and saw it lift it's head. Realizing that it was alive, I stopped and we got out. We kept our distance and pondered what to do, and then it jumped to it's feet and ran off.
This is where my irrational anxiety kicks in. We approached the spot where the deer had been laying, and there was a puddle of drool with a few spots of blood in it. I pointed to the blood in the saliva with my foot and said something to my friend about it, and then we went on our way. I didn't think about it again until now, when the thought crossed my mind that the deer may not have been hit at all and he could have been rabid, seeing as this was not a very well traveled road. So, if he were to have rabies, what are the chances that my putting my foot in that saliva could have infected me with rabies? Say, if I were to have taken my shoe off later and rubbed my eyes or something of the sort.
Should I consult a doctor or am I being completely ridiculous? I have a history of anxiety and am medicated for it so it's not unlike me to overreact to such an occurrence.