I am a regular birth control user, and I have been for about a year and a half now. I switched to Sprintec in March 2014 and was told by my doctor I could "tricycle" on this, hence only having 4 periods a year. I decided to do this after my June period. Unfortunately, it did not work. I bled through active pills on July 25-30. This set my period back by a week according to my pills. On Aug. 13, I had sex with my faithful boyfriend without a condom and he widthdrew. What he said is the cause of my current distress. He told me that he felt a spasm, but pulled out. I was very nervous about this so we quickly went and got plan B that night. Because my period was already set back due to my active pill bled through, and the taking of plan B, I had a period on Sept. 3. This period did line up with my white pills of the pack, so I felt alright at this point. I took 3 pregnancy tests just in case. One just before the Sept. period, one during, and one after. All came back negative. I did fight a UTI after this period, but abstained from sex during that time. I have had another period Oct. 1-6. This eased my worries until the last few days, my stomach as been very upset. It's been all day upsetness with burping and flatulences. I just got done with mid-term week while at school and I was somewhat stressed but I just keep having worries about the state of my body. And I have some soreness on the flat above my breasts leading into my shoulder. I have worked out this past week and done some manual labor in the last few days so it may just be soreness from that. We have also been using condoms during every encounter between us as well. I make sure to urinate after intercourse, as recommended. Lots of confusion here. Thank you for your understanding.