My son (age 17) has been diagnosed with ADD, generalized anxiety disorder, and Bi-Polar II. He has been a happy and bright person/kid most of his life, he has made good grades but has had many run-in with teachers, and has shown disrespect for authority. He started an online business at the age of 11. We let him run it until he was 15, but we (my wife) wanted him to focus on his education. We had to sideline the business for a variety of reasons. This has caused a ton of resentment and blaming etc, even though it was a great experience,a and we can one day start over, the approaching transition of turning 18 had caused typical stresses that we all go through, but he chooses to handle his angst by having meltdowns that are tantrums on steroids. They are traumatic and devastating for his siblings and my wife and myself. After the episodes (where he may destroy property, i.e HD TVS, Laptops, anything in reach when he is enraged) he invariably calms down after a few hours, and then has moments of lucidity where he is incredulous at his behavior, and even sometimes only vaguely remembers the events leading to a meltdown or the meltdown itself. He apologizes and does have remorse and attempts to control his behavior. He has even researched the symptoms he is having and has said he wants to improve, but them the episodes happen repeatedly.

I have always been the buffon parent that always tried to insulate my child from the consequences of their outrageous behavior. He had meltdowns where the police would come to our residence, and I would talk them out of taking him away, and ask that they let me handle the situation, "In house". I wasn't tough enough to watch my son be taken away in a police car. I didn't have the spine. I was also concerned for his safety should he have an outburst when being handled by police, and they would TAZE him to death (or something). After a number of episodes I got to know and trust one officer. The officer advised me on some mental heath options in the county. He gave me his number and said call him when and if this happened again. A few weeks later, my son had another episode one morning and into afternoon, and I finally called the officer, had my son taken to a hospital for an evaluation against his wishes. The Police were incredibly awesome. They send 4-5 goons out to take him to the hospital, but were VERY kind and respectful and were a great help to my family, and I can not thank them enough for their understanding.

Leaving my son and this facility was incredibly difficult and heartbreaking, but after a few days, he is doing great and is handling the situation really well. I visit each night for an hour. I wish I had done this YEARS ago. The facility where he is is FANTASTIC. The staff are amazing. I am feeling encouraged.

My question is this - They want him the start taking Lithium in a low dose - Could anyone with experience with this medication please share their thoughts and opinion on this Rx??

My son if hesitant and is concerned this medication will affect his creativity (he is a designer) and motivation (he is an entrepreneur) and that he won't be able to "feel life" etc. They are saying take the meds are get settled in for a long Winter's stay at the Hospital. He now is considering taking the meds so he can be cooperative and get released sooner than later.

I am thinking we just follow doctor's orders, but wanted to hear some feedback from people who have taken it. Thanks so much for your responses.