Hi everyone!
IVe been reading this thread religiously for the last week and boy it helped me so much Ive relapsed twice after quitting percoset which i have been taking for the last year about 6-10 a day.Alltogether ive been on some kind of painkillers like vicodine hydrocodone for 2 1/2 years It started after I had a surgery then just kept taking them to deal with stress I was in such a denial before but on the 1st of january this year quit cold turkey without having the right tools for doing it the right way.I read and reread allmost all the posts here and was so relieved because there is the way to stop this evil thing and all people on this site who succeded and shared their story are my heroes.Im in a horrible emotional and physical pain right now and wish to start some counseling or get some help with the detox but have no idea where to start.Im new to this thread and would so much appreciate your help.Ive been suffering for so long and am really happy to find all these people here. Thank you so much for any info