I was just switched to this today from Norco 10mg, 4 times a day to this oxi xr 30mg 2 times a day. Because of my HUGE tolerance to opiates. I got nervous and took 1/2 of one... now I see online a lot of conflicting opinions on the breaking or crushing of extended release.
Now what? Curious to know... How long till I stop hurting or quit breathing?
Sorry to sound flippant. I feel like an idiot now. I also hear the euphoria side effect does not exist with this med and others say its 'hillbilly heroine' So which one is it... totally confused now. wondering if I'll be back in bed cuz I'm too 'high' instead of 'in pain'... just want to get on with my day and feel good while I run my errands. Sick of pain making me unable to unload a dishwasher. But if I am stoned... same thing? utt-o