Hi all

This is my first post

I suffer from OCD and have been on Sertraline and Seroquel for 6 years, now 100mg Sertraline and 300mg Seroquel. I am now at a place where i feel i want to come off the Seroquel due to its intense weight gain (5 stone) and my concerns over its long term side effects, im only 22 and i dont want to be on it for the rest of my life.

I have concerns of the possibility of Diabetes long term and tardive dyskinesia (i know its extremely rare) - My doctor agrees that Diabetes could be a long term risk but played down the tardive dyskinesia he said its very very rare but we both agreed its best to come off the Seroquel now.

My withdrawal so far is so good ive come down from 300 to 150 without issue, anyway look at me rambling!

My question is, once the Seroquel withdrawal is complete and its out of my system, there is no chance that its somehow damaged my insides and i might still develop diabetes or other complications from it? I know this is probably such a daft question but its something im worried about.

Also, am i correct in thinking that Sertraline carries a much much lower risk of tardive dyskinesia than Seroquel, my doctor reckons it doesnt carry any risk of that.

Thank you all you for listening.