I was taking Brand name Pristiq 100 mg for about 2 months. NO MORE ANXIETY. Still felt depressed, unmotivated, fatigued and feeling I was reliving my childhood back here at home, felt unfairly treated, even fought with sister. I’m job searching, school finishing, custody and support issues. Just moved in new rental with such little furniture, that even depresses me. I am super sensitive and get exhausted way to easily. Prozac worked wonders past three days. Until today when I chose to get back in bed and sleep in till 1130 am. And I took my medicines as usual, but today felt too overwhelming I didn’t know where to start. I become paralyzed to my bed. But I chose to come back to bed after dropping son off. Things aren’t so hard when the Prozac kicked in, it’s a life changer, I don’t take things so personally, my overall drive to overcome all I’m dealing with, felt on point. My question being, did Prozac maybe not work cause I chose to just lay in bed, trying to avoid everything needing be done? Even with Adderall, I fell back asleep.