On the 5th of this month, I had sex & my fiancee came inside of me.
I haven't experienced any hormonal changes besides my appetite.
I never drink coffee & yesterday & today that's all I've been drinking. As well as a food item, I had 7 eggs in the carton in the fridge, I made a pretty decent sized bowl of egg salad which I'm currently eating. I've never really craved egg salad or coffee before. My period was suppose to come today, but I haven't been cramping like I usually do right before. I've taken 2 pregnancy tests, both showed negative.. but it's the cheap one form the Dollar Store that you have to pee in a cup then drop urine onto the strip. My fiancee says that they're probably defective. Not really sure if they are or not. Should we try a ClearBlue pregnancy test or wait till this weekend to take another cheap one? I'm confused & I don't feel like wasting money on pregnancy tests.

On another note:
- I've been sleeping a lot later that I usually would
- My boobs (nipples mostly) are extremely sensitive.. I adjusted my bra & my nipples started to kind of hurt & burn.
- I sometimes feel nauseated (I just felt like I was going to throw up)
- Certain parts of my back are locking up, & becoming painful when I move, so I'm forced to lay there.
- I get exhausted easily
- I do feel like sometimes I'm peeing on myself, but I'm not.. I go to the bathroom & wipe & it's just clear wetness, don't know what that is.

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