Hey guys. I got a really weird situation and i'm trying to figure out if it's an allergic reaction.
Over the last few months, i've been getting what I thought is a cold sore on my lower lip. It swells up really big, and then opens up into the cold sore and lasts for about a week or so. The first time I got it, it was about 3 hours after I took Naproxen for a minor headache. Went to my local Urgent Care, and the doctor said it was just a cold sore and prescribed me with some Valacyclovir. I mentioned to him that I took Naproxen for a headache and am currently taking Lisinopril for high BP.
Fast forward to this week, and I take some more Naproxen for a headache. 2 hours later, i'm getting a cold sore- in the same exact spot.
Would this be an allergic reaction or just coincidental?