Hey, I have a question about my birth control.
I just started birth control 3 weeks ago. When I was at Planned Parenthood getting it, I asked all these questions... But it never quite sunk in. Haha.
I'm on Lutera, I love it. So there are 21 white pills, and 7 pink pills. The pink pills are for when I'm on my period. But here's the thing. Before I went on birth control, my periods were irregular, they'd come every 30-40 days, and last 3-6 days. Now that I'm on birth control will my period come as soon as I'm on the pink pills? I take my last white one tomorrow night, then the next day I start the pink pills.
So, can I still take the pink ones even when I'm not on my period? What if my period lasts 3 days, should I still take the pink pills until the whole pack is empty? Or do I go get more as soon as my period is over? What if my period doesn't start when I'm on the pink pills, and I run out of the pink ones?