I work night shift 11pm to 7am. 4 shifts a week monday to thursday.
and have recently been having trouble sleeping.
So i did some research and decided to try out phenergan.
It started on a sunday i took it during the day, slept fine.
And took it the next day to setup a pattern at the same time.
Then went about my normal monday night shift.

came home from the monday night shift and did'nt take any i slept fine.
Then coming home from the next day shift i stay in bed for 2 hours and did'nt sleep so i thought to take 3 (the max it says to take on the box)
and was fine. Then for the following two nights.
then it came to friday. i try to reset my pattern on the friday so when i got home from the thursday overnight i stayed up during the day and went to bed at 7pm. I took phenergan that night aswell.

woke up saturday fine.
On the saturday i went about my normal bussness and went to sleep at a friends house.
While at the freinds house it came around the time for me to go to sleep. so i tryed. after trying so hard without any pills it eventually became two hours later and i was worryed.
i took 6 phernergan. (big mistake i know, =[ ) and after a following hour i was icreasingly worryed. so i toook another 3.

eventually i slept a little. and the next day i was drowsy as hell (its listed as one of the side effects of the pill. and considering the amount i took i don't blame it.)

and i went home that sunday and crashed as soon as i got in the door because of the drowsyness (this was 7pm sunday btw)
woke up on monday feeling fine. And i went to overnight that night and i was really tired so thought i would no take any phernergan and try to sleep as i did the previous week.
It did not work. I didnt take and i did'nt sleep. so i stayed awake till tuesday 12pm (i called in sick for work that day) and took 3 phernergan.
i slept fine. and woke up wednesday.

Being really worrying i told myself not to take any more phernergan and try to sleep like normal. it didnt work for the wednesday night, thursday night, so i basicly was awake and liing in bed most of the time. and it just did'nt work.

I had been to the doctors twice during the length of the week and they had just said try to relax, and just gave me info about insomnia and stuff. (which i allready knew and researched anyway)

But it came to the friday and i was really tired and it felt as if i was tipsy my legs were in that kind of state. so i layed down and read a book till i became tired and i layed it bed with lights and everything off attempting to sleep. It did'nt happen and after 3 hours i reached for the phernergan.
and even thought i did'nt want to take it i had been awake for two days and i just did'nt see any other option. i took 3 that night.

and i think i slept maybie 4 hours of broken sleep.

here i am on the saturday wondering my next step. any help would be appreciated.

Ok so now for the question/s.

Is phenergan addictive?
do you think i may be addicted?
what are the steps i should take?
any and all help + info will be appreciated. Thankyou