I have just been put on this drug, although my DR's have been trying to get me to take it for many years, I was reluctant, because i have heard that it was twice as strong as Oxycontin, and i was on 120 mg 4 x a day along with 30 mg of Roxicodone 4 x a day as well, now i am on Opana er 80 mg 2 40 mg pills at once 3x a day, plus 1 10 mg in morning and 1 10 mg at night. And i have to say I am very surprised, the medication is not working that well.. I know there has been a complication, in the new pills, but even still i was taking the octagon shaped ones, and they still did not seem to alleviate my pain, and now since my pharmacy, only had a partial supply about7 days worth, the Opana was the Octagon shaped ones, but the remainder of the prescription, is the new round pill with an E on one side and 40 on the other, which basically do nothing for eliminating my pain, or at least getting be to a comfortable position. I know i am rambling a bit, bcuz i am severely Pissed off. People who abuse these meds ruin it for people like us who are in chronic pain, who wouldn't be able to get up in the morning. ! following thing, why must I take the tablets and then wait 2 hours before eating? Every other medication seemed to work better if I ate food with the pain meds. Should I always take on empty stomach? And does anyone know of another medication which is equivalent to Opana ER 90 Mg 3x a day. I have heard EXALGO Er, but my Dr is very hesitant to write it. I have been on Fentanyl patches,Ms contin, Oxycontin,Methadone, TO any one who has been hurt as long as me, you know that meds like Percocet just don't cut it anymore.PLEASE GIVE ME SOME INSIGHT SOMEONE. I am at my wits end here. ANYONE WITH ANY INFO< WOULD BE HELPFUL, THANKS GUYS!