im just strting it swapping from , a few days of 60mg 3 times a day codine. Have severe pain, restless legs, mirapex working some what but need to wait longer before i can increase dose or for it to work. This is hopefully temporary until i get an appointment with a neoro psychatritst( been waiting over a year in pain had enough) was on methadone HATED IT withdrew of 105mg in a couple of months) to explain cronic head aches which topamax has helped with, had 3 head injuries 2 with breaks and scaring, also possible late eccects of radiotherapy to my head , neck area annd also chemo0therapy. Body aches and bone pain , loss of energy and all out of will power, im hoping this will give me some hope and comfort until i can get help as iv been to hospital suicidal and they cant help, either can my gp, either can mental health services , only on with athority to do the scans is the neoro psych who has been of sic when i did finally get an appointment so waiting on another, coming off a suicide attempt so happy to go on pain medication but not methadone never again the withdrawl destroyed me. Im told withdrawl wont be a problem but if it is as long as its just 4 days im o0k with it as methadone is 3 weeks once you cold turkey it enough to get down to a level to go off it if not weening of 105mg 1mg a week would take 2 years and i tried this at the start and each day was like hell any how so i had to get off it quick. please can others share the benifits of this med, i need some hope right now, i want to get my motivation back so i can build my body up and pain tolerance, and build more into my daily routine as i dont have much to look forward to each day at the moment and dread waking up to know i have to be present in the suituation im in plus all of the other issues iv put aside that have built up over the last few years, im only 30 turning 31 august ,please inspire me thanks in advance.