HI I am not sure how much welse to put into this queastion as it keeps asking for more - But here is my main quiestion :WHAT ARE the lasting effects of kadian in the body's system drugs or how much would show up on a urinalysis. I am on two (2) .. forty (40 mg) of Ocycontin aday - however Myself and husband I have been over -working our back and killing ourselves with remodeling, (which is just plain crazy - but we r broke so ... ) And he wants to finish before his third back surgery (sepr 22) because the last doc left him in worse shape that he's ever been in .(Unfortunately his old doc retired) If morphine had been swallowed - specifically Kadian 60 MG caplets twice for three days how long woud it stay in your system? The concern is the urinalysis - I never failed nor do I want to?

Also off the subject We are finding a new doc the closest for us is 4.5 hours (due to insurance) - I am on adderal and the female doc only wants to giuve me a week at a time any suggestions? I see a nightmare arising in the furutre