Hi, my doctor prescribed me Endocets(narcotics-lowest dose, 5mg/325mg) for every 30 days with 5 refills for chronic back pain. Well last month, I had to get an early refill, about a week and a half early since I lost my meds. I was able to talk to talk to my doctor about it and had it resolved quickly, but now I am wondering if that will screw up my getting my next refill and i am also curious if i need to bring a new prescription every month for my meds (I had my first presc. filled out no problem when i first brought the script in, the second was the early refill and the doctor giving a verbal ok to the pharmacy and now this would be my third refill, just wondering if i will run into any problems since its a narcotic and cant see my doctor this month for the presc. to okay my refill. I am also wondering if that will take away the '3 day grace period' the pharmacy sometimes gives ya, i know a lot of people are sometimes able to get their refills a 2-3 days earlier. My refill is on Saturday (5days away) but I am just wondering when is the earliest I can get them to fill it without having to have my doctor release it, or have my insurance deny it, hence this long post here! I don't go to this pharmacy very often, so I don't quite know the pharmacist very well either and it's one of those big chain pharmacies in Ottawa. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you for taking time to read this!

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