... was taking Norco 10/325 two tabs 4 tinea a day. After many years of that and not wanting to go any higher in strength, last June was my last extremely painful injury, sciatica which to me is by far more painful than/ or just as painful as natural childbirth. I was bed bound for a month and couldn't walk. Very unbearable for me but I made it through it and have reoccurrences every now and again along with other nerve pain. List goes on... my question is this new med is seriously making me TIRED. It's hard to even lift my arms to get dressed. It's like I'm whipped. And then have to sit down because I don't have the energy to keep moving. My norcos at least perked me up and was able to maintain my house. With these I can't function. First dose was at 5:30pm today 3/30/16 and it didn't seem to kick in. I was crawling outta my skin so I passed out. When I woke up I was more tired than I was before I fell asleep. The pain is 95% gone. But i cant be in bed not being able to move. What is going on... why am i so tired... why are my muscles so limp? I can't take this. His only other offer was a pain patch. I think fentanyl I'm not sure I'd have to recheck. what do you suggest I do I need energy I can't be in bed all day??? Please help