I've seen the same Neuro 7 years. I've been diagnosed with Fibro, then Neuropathy, then Spinal Stenosis, back disc problems, - seems one thing after another. I also have steroid epidural shots every 4 months. The last shot a month ao hasn't really worked.
I've told my Neuro SO many times my pain meds (currently 80 mb Oxycontin x2 a day since 2/2011 and Xanax - for panic attacks/anxiety disorder I have had for YEARS. He has tried me onway too many anti-depressants to name and I have had BAD reactions to ALL of them. Last one made me aggressive & even suicidal so of course I quit it. He got mad about that. Last Sat. my legs pain was SO bad I called and I thought, thank God, he was on call. He called me back and SCREAMMMED at me, saying things to me like "all you want is opiates and all you have wanted since I have known you", and I about died! I do NOT even want this mess I have to take!! I ONLY want pain relief! I'm 56, have my daughter and 2 grandkids here along with my teen son (and hubs) and ALL I do is yell at them because of the pain. It's draining me to where I am exhausted all the time, I mean ALL the time. I barely sleep,. It feels like my legs are being squeezed on the inside, HARD, and it radiates outward. He TOLD me I have these other issues and yet on that phone call said "You only have Fibro that is nuts" I DON'T only have that - according to him when he LOOKS at my records. I speak to his 2 Assts. on the phone and get run arounds. I was told I would go to Pain Management. I was told the first PM they tried to refer me to refused to see me. Why? I wonder if it isn't because of the lies my Neuro said to me. I'm ONLY 56, I want a LIFE that involves more than this chair and the couch. I don't want to live in tears and angry at the world because now I feel I am just not worthy of relief. I'm waiting to hear if PM #2 will see me. If he says no, I don't know WHAT I will do. If it wasn't for my grandchildren... well, never mind. I don't want to die. I don't want to go on like this either. I've never been treated SO badly by a doctor, but HOW does one change doctors when this one will lie his head off and hurt my reputation? I swear on all that's holy what he said is not true! ALL I want to do is cry! I have 7 adult children..upset about the situaation but like my husband, feel that if they get involved, I will end up with NO doctor. I even thought of calling a lawyer. I'm SO lost! I am taking SO much OTC aspirin and all to try to kill the pain! I feel so weak and tired. I really need some suggestions, some help. I honestly don't know how much more of this I can take.
ONE more things and I keep reminding him - the Rhummy I had in Florida was sued and lost her licence. Took it out on her patients in their records. Anyway when I saw her back 7 yrs ago before moving here SHE had me on 80 mg Oxycontin. I knew I didn't need it then. When we were getting ready to move, the pharmacy was out of 80 mg so gave me 40 mg tablets instead. On the way here moving, I cut it in half MYSELF! I cut it from 80 to 40 mg twice a day and that is what I was taking when I first saw this Neuro. So OBVIOUSLY it isn't "all I want". Who else does that? I tell him, check my records!! I'm discouraged, in major pain, cranky at family I love dearly, cannot leave the house due to pain. My oldest got a new home one hour away - with this pain I cannot handle the car ride (I no longer drive - haven't for 10 years) Please, ANY help. advice, prayers, encouragement needed, wanted, so much appreciated.. Sincerely, Meme