I have chronic nerve pain from 4 known and one unknown source: painful peripheral neuropathy, chronic sciatica, lumbar stenosis, and a total left hip replacement that (IMHO) impinged at least one nerve. All began 6+ years ago and has been progressive. I finally turned to Oxycontin and worked my way up to 120 mg daily. That ultimately wasn't enough as my brain begged for more and more so I decided to wean off and work with a pain mgmt. clinic and hope for the best. Down to 15 mg daily now + Clonidine for helping with withdrawal. The pain has come roaring back as I near the end of a 3 month taper. Seems worse now than ever. Could this pain be partially withdrawal related? Any ideas on how to get to the end of this tail end difficult taper with minimal severe pain would be appreciated. Thank you.