Has anyone ever been prescribed Stadol Nasal Spray for relief from the pain from a chronic migraine/headache? I have been suffering for 35+ years from these debilitating headaches. I have tried 90% of the prescription pills, injections, sprays, patches, and combinations of all of these rx meds, OTC pain relievers, weekly massages, essential oils, keeping extensive food and headache diaries, accupuncture, etc. Two of my former neurologists (who I can't see anymore because they don't accept my medical insurance) prescribed Stadol Nasal Spray (yes, it is a narcotic/controlled substance) to help me get almost immediate relief for my pain until my migraine pill kicked in. The spray was not long lasting, maybe 30-45 minutes of relief, just long enough for the relpax, maxalt or whatever migraine pill I was on at the time, to kick in. I have asked my new neurologist, my PCP, and my pain doctors to please prescribe this for me again, but no one will. I understand the issues and controversies regarding prescribing narcotics for these headaches as well as dependency issues, however I never had a dependency issue with this med or any other med in the past. I pretty much have a constant daily headache that doesn't go away. My quality of life is in the toilet, my marriage is rocky, at best, and my friends and family are sick of hearing me complain. I don't know how to make the pain subside or go away, yet my doctors continue to prescribe me the same meds every month, knowing they aren't giving me much relief, yet when I have repeatedly told them what has worked in the past, they won't prescribe it for me. I guess my question is, has anyone been prescribed this spray for migraines and if so, what hoops do I need to jump through to the relief from the constant pain I am in. Sorry for the length of my explanation, but thank you for taking the time to read this.