... 2 yrs & now needing dental work done.I have RA also,^ are now on many perscription drugs including aggrenox because of 2 strokes.Humira for RA.I was taking forteo for 2 yrs. I've been off of it at least a yr or longer.I had my teeth cleaned recently & my dentist sent me to an oral surgeon because i need 8 teeth removed.He said because of my health problems he won't put me out. Just numb me up good. Hes not sure if he'll take 8 that day or what. It depends on how i'm doing.I have to call my neurologist to see if i should & can be off aggrenox prior to appt.Than call my rheumotologist about humira.But my bigger concern is the forteo i was on.The oral surgeon seemed concerned that it could possibly take a long time for my mouth to heal after because of forteo.Not much i can do about that now. O. surgeon said for me to call him if i have any questions or concerns.My appt is in 2 wks.Are there any concerns i should ask him besides the obvious ones.I've been reading horror stories about having teeth extracted & have been on osteoporosis drugs. Any answers would be very much appreciated. I'm really scared about all of this. Thank You.