I came off the injection about 2 months ago and went to the doctor on Friday to ask about going back on the pill. I never got a period on the injection and still didn't get one when I came off it so my doctor said start my pill right away and the period should come on my 7 days off then when I start my next pack it will be effective. I'm going on holidays with my partner and after taking my first pill of the pack I realised that I would get my period during my holiday which I didn't want. It's now Monday and I purposely didn't take the rest of my pills and was gonna finish the last 20 of them on Friday which would be a week after I took my first one, I was given this advice by a friend. But today I got spot bleeding or I assume it is. I know this first round of my pill won't be effective since I didn't get my period when I started but if I continue the last 20 pills at the end of this week will I get my period as normal then start the next pack? Sorry for how long this is any help would be useful!!