I started using replens and then tried vagifem and then I got a yeast infection. I know they are not related because I spoke to the pharmacist. I took a Diflucan 150mg. It went away so I thought. Had sex and now the yeast infection is back again. I use another Diflucan. I was really swollen in the vaginal area and was really red and had the curd like discharge. Now I am still swollen and red. I am getting better. I was on the 14 day cycle when I had first signs of infection. Now I am on twice a week only of vagifem. The pharmacist thought I might be sensitive and that now I am only twice a week I might be better. Has this happened to anyone else? I need to put an ice pack down there too it is so sensitive. I know alot of info. Sorry. Just wondered if this was supposed to happen with menopause and vagifem?

Thanks for responses.