Iam taking adderall 20 mg. once to twice a day and also 1mg Alprazolam up to twice a day I was prescribed Hydro. for when I had to have a cyst removed from my leg over a year ago, since then I have messed up my hand very bad, my right hand meaning i had to stop going to cosmotology school i was not able to do anything I went to my dr. several times telling him how bad it hurts and how swollen it is especially in the mmorning and its even worse if i try to write. Anything to do with my right hand, he simple picked up my hand and just looked at it.? this was Jan 27 of 2013 He only gave me 2 refills for my leg, wich did not even bother me.. i went and had x rays done of my hand. it looks awful. I do plan on seeing another doctor maybe one that will actually spend time with me and help me, Im in a lot of pain it has been a year if anything it has gotten even worse, I called him to ask if I could have another refill. his nurse called me back the next day and said he said no because they were for my cyst! I dont understand this?! Nothing has helped the pain in my hand to where I can draw and write and do hair like I use too. I do have lyrica pills left from another time, it is 75mg would it be okay to take the lyrica along with the alprazlam and adderall?