I have injured my radial nerve in the left arm and have wrist-drop. Have had it for 3,4 months and have done electro-stimulation, physical therapy, exercises, etc., but nothing has helped.

I am now seeing a doctor specializing on the peripheral nerves/hand injures. I have done an arm MRI (took 4 hours... ), which shows that the radial nerve is injured... the MRI result says there's "entrapment under the thickened brachioradialis fascia."

While I'm glad I'm seeing a specialist, it is a big teaching hospital, so everything moves extremely slow as the doctors teach as well as seeing patients.

Now to my question (exhausted typing... ), during the last 4 days I have also been unable to lift my right arm due to pinched nerve in shoulder (I have peripheral neuropathy). I am really struggling with daily tasks, can't go to school this semester, can't work (web development), and today and yesterday I've been having a lot of pain in the arms, especially the right arm. I can also feel my right hand getting weaker.

Several people have suggested I go to the ER rather than waiting for my follow-up appointment, but I'm unsure about it because I am not sure what they would do other than treating the pain which I can handle. If I went would do you think I would see a surgeon, or would they just tell me to wait for my appointment.

I appreciate your input, after typing this my pain has increased.