me tonight and asked me a question that I really can't answer so I thought that I would ask my friends here for help. I was never a heavy drinker, and I only have about 2 drinks a year , if that, but she asked me if people who have HepC get intoxicated faster because of the HepC? I really don't know the answer to this question because I only have maybe a glass of wine 2x a year. She said that she became extreamly intoxicated off of 3 shots of rum to the point where she blacked out! This is a person who could drink wiskey all night and still walk and now that she has Hep C she get's black out drunk on very little alcohol! (AND YES I DID GIVE HER THE DEVIL FOR DRINKING LIKE THAT WITH HEP C!!), I would appreciate any advice that you all can give me. When she found out that she had Hep C she cut down on her drinking byt never really stopped, but it seems like she get's drunker much faster on less alcohol and I think it's because of the hepc and her liver is getting worse, but she doesn't believe that so any back up to that would help. Thanks!!!